Have you ever been sick, gotten hurt, been through a surgical procedure, or had various pain issues?

Your body’s response to these problems can cause temporary swelling, redness, heat, and even pain. This is because your body is making compounds to fight these injuries. Your body produces enzymes to eat up the inflammatory compounds, and you should be able to notice that the swelling is going down, the pain is being relieved, and the redness and stiffness are lessening.

OH LOOK! What just happened? Your body accidentally just spawned a cancer-causing toxin. No worries, we’ve got SOD to help us. No, not the kind to be planted in your front yard. Superoxide dismutase, better known as SOD, can be planted in our body as a supplement. SOD is also a naturally-occurring enzyme that our body produces to fight free radicals that spawn various toxins. To effectively clear oxidative damage, SOD needs uncramped pathways. For those of you who have cramped pathways, there are good SOD supplements available.

We all make various enzymes, and it’s neat that you can buy enzymes as a dietary supplement. Some enzymes and how they help are:

Lactase enzymes chew up milk sugars.

Bromelain helps relieve allergies and helps post-surgicals.

Proteolytic enzymes are another type of enzyme. “They chew up proteins and help with digestion. I think they’re great for chronic pain syndromes,” says Suzy Cohen, RPh. She was also a “monster” at the arcade game Pac-Man in her heyday. In the game, Pac-Man chewed up toxic ghosts. In a similar fashion, proteolytic enzymes chew up toxic debris.

Less debris equals better circulation throughout your body. It also means more oxygen and the right nutrients to the areas of your body – like the site of an injury – that need them. Compared to NSAIDs, proteolytic enzymes seldom have side effects and don’t cause the damage that NSAIDs can.


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