Do you have FLC syndrome (feel like crap)? It can be little things like brain fog, sore joints, headaches, or more serious things like autoimmune disease, asthma, migraines, and more. If your answer is yes, then you may want to try a detox. The kind you’re probably thinking of has you hungry all the time, drinking weird stuff, running for the bathroom, and other unpleasant effects. The detox we are talking about is getting rid of sugar and all products that turn into sugar. It’s a simple plan: Take the bad stuff out, put the good stuff in, and you feel better. Here are some reasons why you should try detoxing:

  1. You’ll feel better. With this dietary change, you wake up feeling more vibrant, vital, joyful, and full of energy. Even if you’re already thin, but suffer from low energy and brain fog, this detox will have you feeling great.

  2. You will lose weight. The scientific establishment says that to lose weight it’s a matter of calories in vs. calories burned. However, there is a difference between scientific establishment and established sciences. Established sciences says that sugar and flour calories are drastically different from other calories. Sugar and flour hit you two ways. First, they trigger overeating and addiction. The second hit is that they spike your inflammation and insulin, causing you to not feel full and store belly fat. In this battle, the winner is clearly the “cut out the sugar” plan.

  3. You kick cravings. Sugar and processed foods are designed to make you addicted to them. Most of the time when someone is overweight, they are called a glutton and lazy. The fact is, the food industry has hijacked your biology. More than 300 food industry insiders blew the whistle on the outrageous tactics that their companies use to get you addicted, and keep you that way. And it’s all legal.

There are more reasons to detox and steps on how to do it safely in the attached article.

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