Most of us have acetaminophen right next to the ibuprofen in our medicine cabinets.

You may want to consider how long you continue that practice.

Both products have their drawbacks. Ibuprofen can hurt the gut.

Acetaminophen can hurt the liver.

Suzy Cohen, well-known wellness expert, has some ideas about how to protect your liver.

Years ago, Cohen warned her readers to begin taking a supplement called NAC, especially if they took acetaminophen regularly. It helps protect the liver and restores glutathione levels. She believed NAC could help reduce acetaminophen toxicity.

Now, finally researchers agree.

Cohen refers to acetaminophen as a “drug mugger,” stripping glutathione and quickly doing bodily harm. Chronic use of acetaminophen causes irreversible liver damage. By the time you find out what happened, 90% of your liver could be compromised.

Doctors will probably call it “fatty liver,” diabetes, or obesity. But the truth is, if you been taking acetaminophen (with alcohol especially) that’s where your liver damage began. Simply making a habit of drinking wine followed by a couple of acetaminophen-based pain capsules can steadily strain your liver and do serious harm.

Only recently have the drug toxicity and risk associated with acetaminophen caused a shift in advisement. Researchers are finally advocating that NAC be added to ALL acetaminophen offerings. Eventually, the former product would be replaced by new over-the-counter acetaminophen formulas that contain NAC. They would help prevent accidental acetaminophen toxicity and likely protect your liver with every dose. Currently, “the only time NAC or similar prescription forms of NAC are used, is if you show up at the Emergency Room with an overdose,” notes Cohen.

Here’s what to do to protect yourself:

  • Every time you take acetaminophen take NAC too.
  • Take 600 to 1800 mg daily of NAC.
  • Include sulphur-rich foods in your diet.
  • Consider glutathione-boosting probiotics and supplements.

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