A Look at What is Coming

As we come to grips daily with the predicted impact of Covid-19 in our community, we want to communicate that our intent is to stay open to serve our patients. We took an oath to serve patients and this is the exact time our tools are needed. We are happy to talk to you on the phone to discuss your symptoms, if you have them.

In the next few days  to weeks, it is likely that our emergency services and hospital care will be overwhelmed, and there will be many people who need care that is not for severe or life threatening illnesses. There are a number of ways to support you, if you have been exposed and contract Covid-19. Naturopathic medicine shines in this scenario. With a deep understanding of what you can do to treat yourself at home and a variety of tools to support your immune system, we can assist you confidently through this tragic time.

The track record of natural treatment in historical flu epidemics is documented.  The death rate in the 1917-1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic under regular medical care was over 20%. In 1918, Naturopathic Physicians (ND), Osteopathic Physicians (DO), Chiropractic Doctors (DC), and Homeopathic MDs worked in a comprehensive natural fashion in their management. While the mortality rate of the conventional MD’s surpassed 20%, the loss of life under the care of DCs and DOs was 2-3%, and the Homeopathic MDs and Naturopathic Physicians less than 1%. The reports from the Naturopaths on their loss of cases indicates that they were seen after the patient had already tried regular medical care.

There is no known medical treatment for Covid-19, and frankly I am disturbed by the grasping at off-label use of anti-malarials and anti-parasitics, the development of a vaccine, and more. The use of anti-malarial drugs for Covid-19 is based on a too few studies with too few people in them. We need solid and trustworthy data before making such decisive action. Once exposed to this virus, your immune system will create an antibody to Covid-19 for life. We have herbal and natural medicines already proven to treat viruses. If exposed and infected, call us for treatment recommendations and immune supportive options.

We can treat both preventatively (now) or treat once symptoms arise (later). Prevention is ALWAYS the best option.


1. Supportive nutrients as mentioned in previous blogs are important foundational support.  (https://www.maryshackelton.com/2020/03/03/coronavirus-prevention/)

2. Diet: eat whole foods, focus on fruits and vegetables, lean and clean protein, and good fats.

3. Lifestyle: sleep 8 hours per night, hydrate (80-90 ounces per day of clean water), and relieve stress as best you can.

4. Immune supportive tincture: 1 tsp, 3x per day in water between meals.

We are screening patients before they enter the clinic and want to keep Holistica a safe place for those to enter. Call 303-449-3777 so we can help you understand your symptoms and give direction.


1.Follow all basic recommendations as mentioned on blog:https://www.maryshackelton.com/2020/03/03/coronavirus-prevention/

2. Diet: consider 1 day fast if you develop a fever, otherwise see above .

3. Hydrotherapy options for treating a fever (see below)

4. Immune/Cytokine modulation formula: 1 tsp, 3x per day in water between meals.

Hydrotherapy for Fever Support:

Abdominal Wrap:  Best for fevers between 99.6-102°F – Wring a thin bath or hand towel in cold water. Fold in half lengthwise so it is two layers thick and wrap around your torso, covering from chest to hip bone. Use a thick blanket of vellux/synthetic blanket (not cotton) or wool to wrap around tightly and compress the cold towel wrap. Wear this for 10-20 minutes until it is warmed.  Can repeat 1-2x per day.

Wet Sheet Pack: Best for fevers 102-104°F or higher. Put twin bed sheet in washing machine and rinse with cold water and spin dry. Wrap yourself in this cool wet sheet from shoulders to ankles and  have someone wrap you in a wool blanket or synthetic blanket (e.g. Vellux), not cotton. Tuck the blanket around the person leaving no access of air to the cold sheet. This will help dissipate the fever and cool the core of the body. Leave this wet sheet on the body until warmed, then remove.

Hydrotherapy can help lower fevers and increase immune response as the body dries off the wet cool fabric. Lymphatic flow is stimulated and can call on cellular response for infection. Rather than artificially lowering a fever and compromising your immune response, try this as a first line of defense for supporting your immune system.