Are you suffering? Is there inflammation ravaging your body and provoking a chronic condition? Parasitic infection may be the root.Astonishingly, research shows that one in three people may be infected with a specific type of microscopic parasite that could be causing your problems.

The parasite, Toxoplasma gondii (T.gondii), is a global freeloader. Yet, despite the fact that nearly one third of the world’ population is under its influence, the Center for Disease Control names Toxoplasma gondii as one of the top “Five Neglected Parasitic Infections.” It earns top honors primarily because regardless of prevalence, prevention potential, or its connections to acute illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and personality disorder, T.gondii is often overlooked when patients or doctors go in search of diagnoses.

A person infected with T. gondii would experience significantly increased T-cell activity, leading to the chronic inflammation. Researchers say this inflammation is the link between parasites and incidences of obesity. Illogical thoughts about food and weight-loss, or any healthy decision-making, could be attributed to T.gondii as well, since inflamed brain tissue would impair coherent thought and appropriate problem solving.

So, what do you when you suspect a parasite is inside you? Do you test for it? Commit to a cleanse?

Unfortunately, the most common test uses a stool sample, not useful for T. gondii, which takes up residence in the brain. At any rate, for many parasites, testing presents vague results or misleading false negatives.  It’s best to spend your money on an herbal parasite cleanse, rather than testing.

An herbal regimen would help gently eliminate the source of inflammation and bring relief. Soon the parasite, in all its stages could be destroyed without harm to you. The pharmaceutical alternatives, Flagyl and Ivermectin, usually don’t kill off eggs or remove cysts, but still infuse your body with toxicity that is hard to take.

Healing after parasitic cleansing depends on the amount of prior damage. To reduce inflammation in this phase, seek help to learn to your dietary triggers and thresholds. Once you are on track, your tolerance and health will begin to rebound.

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