Trans fats were invented to prolong the shelf life of food, and they never go rancid. They are found in margarine (a “better” butter), shortening, microwave popcorn, cookies, baked and frozen foods, donuts, and even pizza! You’ll find them hidden in almost all fried and convenience foods. They’re everywhere!

The FDA has finally banned the use of trans fats in our foods, declaring them “unsafe for human consumption.” This ban has been a long time coming. For more than 20 years, science has proven that trans fats are hazardous to our health. Even flies know these products aren’t healthy. Given the choice of landing on butter, margarine, or shortening, flies will only land on butter – trans fats are just too toxic for them. They slow our metabolism, contribute to weight gain, increase inflammation and bad cholesterol, lower good cholesterol, and cause diabetes, heart attacks, dementia, obesity, strokes, and cancer.

The first step the FDA took to protect us from trans fats was to change the food labeling laws. Manufacturers had to list trans fats in their ingredients and indicate how much their foods contained. Sadly, a loophole in the law gave manufacturers an out. They didn’t have to report trans fats if there was less than half a gram per serving. This loophole and using the term “partially hydrogenated fat” instead of “trans fat” allowed manufacturers to keep our grocery shelves well-stocked with these fats.

Until this ban is fully implemented, the best way to protect yourself and your family from trans fats is to read labels. If a product declares it has no trans fats, check the ingredients for the term “hydrogenated.”

According to Dr. Mark Hyman, “This one simple thing will improve your diet and upgrade the quality of the food you eat. You’ll feel better and you’ll be healthier for it.”

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