Nearly 70 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure and a great many of them are trying to treat this condition with pills from Big Pharma. Is this you or anyone you know? Many of these people will tell you they actually feel worse now that they’ve started taking these potentially risky prescription drugs like diuretics, beta blockers, and ACE inhibitors than they did before! These pills can make your bladder feel like bursting, make you irritable or give you nausea -and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of a list of side effects longer than a phone book!  Taking one or more of these drugs at the same time increases the side effect profile, and may make it difficult to determine which agent is causing the problem.

What if someone told you that it might be possible to quit taking Big Pharma pills by taking an extract of an arctic flower? Sounds crazy right? Well, is it really any crazier than looking at the list of ingredients (and side effects) of whatever is in the pills you or a loved one is currently taking?

A breakthrough study in Taiwan that was recently published in Phytotherapy Research demonstrated that rhodiola rosa, an arctic flower that has been shown to fight “everything from depression to fatigue” can also lower your blood pressure! Hypertensive rats were divided into two groups, one given a steady dose of rhodiola extract and one with no treatment. The rats who received rhodiola extract had increasingly lower blood pressure.

But maybe you’ve heard about rhodiola before and this isn’t too surprising for you. It might not be the fact that it does work that makes it so interesting, but rather the way in which it does the job. Rhodiola helped the rats in the study produce more natural endorphins –the same hormones your body produces through exercise– that work to regulate blood pressure and keep it from spiking.

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