When we think of health issues normally we consider diet, exercise, and wellness.  However, you probably have never considered parasites being even remotely connected to your health. Yet, as Elizabeth Yarnell describes in her blog, research is showing that parasites do indeed have an impact on our health.

One parasite, called T.gondii has been shown to have a connection with obesity, along with inflammation through T-cells. The inflammation develops because of these T-cells, which are part of the white blood cells in your body, try to destroy the parasite. This causes inflammation but doesn’t take out the parasite. Instead, you just develop more inflammation over time which leads to chronic conditions. Also, the T.gondii parasite has links with mental health conditions such as personality disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

Eliminating Parasites

Is it possible to test for a parasite in the body?  Yes, but the tests are not always reliable.  Yarnell points out that standard medical testing practices involve taking stool samples.  However, a parasite such as T. gondii lives in the brain and will not be present in one’s stool.  Blood testing is also unreliable.

Most people, if they thought they had a parasite would, of course, want it out of their body.  Medications can kill adult parasites but are not as effective against eggs or cysts. Also, these are not “smart bomb” kinds of drugs.  In the process of killing parasites, they will also do a lot of damage to your body.

To completely be rid of parasites, Yarnell recommends a regimen of herbs. These not only kill the adult parasites but all of them at each stage of development. Additionally, these herbs will not affect you adversely, unlike prescription medication.

Killing the parasites won’t eliminate symptoms such as inflammation overnight.  Depending on how long you’ve had a parasite, it will take time for your body to heal. You can help this process along by consuming a diet that is anti-inflammatory.

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