A report from researchers at the University of York discusses how the use of acupuncture can have a positive impact on both depression and chronic pain.  This is important for anyone who has struggled with these conditions.

The study, published in the journal National Institute for Health Research Journals Library reviewed 29 clinical trials that compared acupuncture treatment and standard medical practices for pain, such as anti-inflammatory medication.  This review involved about 18,000 patients.

The results showed that just adding acupuncture to the treatment regimen created a reduction in symptoms. For example, the number of times one experienced a migraine, lower back pain, and neck pain, declined.  Acupuncture treatments also helped those suffering from osteoarthritis or who needed anti-inflammatories to treat their pain. Acupuncture was also seen as more cost-effective too.

Research shows acupuncture has a significant impact on the treatment of depression.

In this study acupuncture, along with counseling, was compared to antidepressant use.  The study included 755 people diagnosed with depression located in northern England.

What did the researchers learn? That those treated with acupuncture saw a reduction in depression symptoms. Also, that this reduction lasted up to twelve months after the acupuncture treatments.  The study provided, “solid evidence” that acupuncture not only works for depression patients, it also provides sustained benefits for up to a year.

These findings are exciting for anyone who is struggling with either chronic pain or depression. There is now a viable alternative to just medication.  By including acupuncture in your treatment program it’s possible to see improved results for pain and depression.

Are you interested in learning more about how acupuncture can help with chronic pain and depression treatment?  Read the full article here:  Acupuncture Boosts Effectiveness of Standard Medical Care for Chronic Pain and Depression.