Have you ever wondered why someone would lay slices of cucumbers over their eyelids?  It turns out that cucumbers have a lot of healthy properties and a multitude of beneficial uses. According to Suzy Cohen, RPh, these include applications for the skin, as food, and even as a drink!

Cohen notes on her website that cucumbers contain antioxidants, as well as fiestin. This is a flavonol with anti-inflammatory properties, and can be useful for maintaining the health of your brain.

Liquid Cucumber

One way cucumbers can be consumed in liquid form is by juicing them with other fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers contain compounds that can be helpful for lowering the chance of developing breast cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer, and also ovarian cancer. You can also drink cucumbers by soaking slices in water. Cohen recommends adding lemon too.

Topical Cucumber

Another use for cucumbers is through topical treatments. For instance:

  • Apply slices of cucumbers to the skin to heal a sunburn. You can also use a towel that has been soaked in cucumber water and lavender oil.
  • Grind up cucumber with tea tree oil and lavender to create a paste that works well for treating acne.  
  • You can use cucumber as part of recipe for home-made facial toner.
  • Finally, you can use cucumber slices on your eyelids. These help if you had itchy, red eyes.

Digestible Cucumber

Of course, you can always just eat cucumbers! Cohen suggests making cucumber boats that have their middles stripped of the seeds. In their place, add tuna salad or chicken to create low-calorie sandwiches. Salmon is another delicious idea. Consider substituting watermelon for meat to create a healthy dessert or treat.

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