Did you know that you can make a big impact on your emotional and physical health just by laughing? It turns out that laughter can have benefits for our minds and even our cells that can provide important health benefits.

Of course, we all know that we feel better when we laugh, but there is science to back up as to why this happens. When we laugh our bodies release chemicals in the brain that have an effect on our mood. Two of these chemicals include dopamine and endorphins.  Also, when we laugh the blood flow in our brains increases too.

Another group of chemicals that are released during laughter are those that fend off cortisol.  Cortisol is a hormone that is activated when we are stressed. When our body can reduce the amount of cortisol released it has a better chance of coping with stressful situations as well as anxiety.

Interestingly, laughter actually has an effect on the production of T-cells. These are cells that are specific for our immune systems. When they become active these cells help protect our bodies from illness and disease. Laughter causes these cells to activate, which gives your immune system a boost and helps you stay healthy.

Laughter can also be good for your heart. When you laugh your heart gets a workout as it pumps more blood throughout your body. In turn, this helps you burn a few more calories. Also, because your stomach muscles are flexing when you laugh, you get an ab workout too!

When it comes to our mental health, laughter is an important skill for when life throws us curve balls. Looking at a situation from a humorous perspective helps us to better cope with the situation. This is opposed to getting caught up in the drama, experiencing anxiety, and getting thrown into a tailspin. Over time this can help you develop a more positive perspective on life and actually help you to live a longer and more satisfying life.

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