Do you struggle with being overweight, or even obesity? Have you tried “fad diets” only to see the pounds come back one by one? Dr Mark Hyman, in an article written for the Huffington Post, describes how you can get rid of that “belly fat” for good and make dramatic improvements in your health.

Belly fat, also known as that “spare tire” is the fat that collects around your stomach. Dr Hyman says that one of the key reasons for this fast is insulin resistance. This occurs from ingesting foods with high amounts of sugar. This causes your liver to make more insulin, which in turn blocks leptin hormones, which leads to belly fat. Sugar also affects your brain and how you perceive whether you are hungry or not.

The solution to this problem sounds simple, but for many is actually really hard to put into practice. Cut out the sugar! The reason this is hard is because sugar affects your brain, it makes it want to have more sugar. Sugar tastes good, which is why it’s so hard to kick.  However, Dr Hyman does have several suggestions to beat your sugar habit.

The first is by eating “real food” that includes meals with lots of green veggies as well as protein. These foods actually have the nutrients our bodies and minds need to be healthy and function properly. Other suggestions include:

  • Sleep:  Getting between 7-8 hours each night can help with lowering cravings.
  • Multi-vitamins:  Consider supplements that have Omega-3 and vitamin D.
  • Lower Stress:  Stress can affect cortisol levels which increase the sugar in the blood and contribute to other health problems.
  • Alcohol:  Take it easy on the drinking. Dr Hyman says an occasional glass of wine or beer is ok, but daily drinking means a lot of extra calories that can add up.
  • Exercise:  Exercising 30 minutes to an hour 4-6 times weekly can have a big impact on belly fat.  

Want to learn more about how you can be rid of belly fat? Read the full article here:  “7 Ways to Permanently Banish Belly Fat.