According to Dr. Stephen Sinatra, author of  Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth, food definitely can be medicine. It can also be toxic. How you can know the difference? Start by avoiding the food on the following “hit list:”

    • Trans fats. Research shows that they are related to diabetes, autoimmune disease, tendon/bone degeneration, cancer, and more. You’ll find trans fats in oils used in margarine, fried foods, and frozen products.
    • Cooked meat. Meat cooked at high temperatures forms chemical reactions that may increase your cancer risk. This occurs especially in muscle meat, including beef, fish, and poultry. Avoid prolonged cooking times to keep meat chemically clean.
    • Sugar. Overconsumption of sugar hinders cardiovascular and immune health as it promotes chronic inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, and premature aging processes.
    • Processed meats. Eating nitrate-laden sausages, bacon, and lunch meats is connected to colon cancer. For the most part, stay away for these foods. If you must have a hot dog, pair it with colon-comforting, fiber-filled fruits and veggies.
    • Contaminated fish. Mercury, an environmental toxin, as well as cadmium and lead, can poison enzyme systems and cell mitochondria. Hypertension, heart disease, and child  developmental disorders may result.
    • High-sodium foods. These foods take a heavy toll on your blood pressure. Eat too many deep-fried foods, dehydrated soups, or dill pickles and olives, and you’ll likely see your blood pressure rise dangerously.
    • Veal. This significantly inflammatory meat, contains higher levels of unhealthy fats and low nutrient levels.
    • Sherbet. Despite what most think, sherbet is not a healthier option over ice cream. Sherbert is straight sugar without helpful fat or protein.
    • Fried foods. Frying oil that is not organic is usually a vegetable oil containing corn and soy. These refined fats can alter cell walls, and scramble hormonal responses, leading to weight gain and possible depression.
    • White flour foods. Blood sugar levels spike as significant amounts of carbohydrates during the day, like bagels, pasta, alcohol, can exacerbate diets already compromised by soda, junk food or sweets.



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