Coffee has become a staple in the American diet.

Some studies swear that coffee is healthy; a “superfood” of sorts. Is that really true?

Dr. Mark Hyman doesn’t think so.

Hyman feels the addictive nature of coffee, its ability to drive cravings for sugar and refine carbs, and a drinker’s tendency to replace real food with coffee are reason enough to forgo it.

Hyman also breaks down more important, and critical, reasons for eliminating coffee into two key parts: the detriments of caffeine, and the potential for gut irritation.

1. Caffeine

Coffee is a pick-me-up. The energizing lift keeps drinkers coming back for another cup. Unfortunately, this can actually drain the body of energy.

People with adrenal fatigue, or Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Dysregulation (HPA axis-dysregulation), do themselves harm ingesting coffee on a regular basis. The chemical stress of caffeine is intolerable to a system taxed by HPA axis-dysregulation.

Drinking caffeine, when rest and relaxation are what’s really needed, can lead to high blood pressure, sleep disruption, obesity, type 2 diabetes, digestive problems, mood and cognition issues, as well as hormone and immune system trouble.

Opt for water or herbal tea instead, to give your body a chance to rebound from caffeine dependence.

2. Gut Irritation

The acidic nature of coffee usually invites cream and sugar for coffee lovers. Coffee’s acidity increases levels of gastric secretions. This may damage the sensitive lining of the gut. This irritation may also result in pain, upset digestion, and more.

Health is dependent on a functioning gut.

It is vital to well-being that potential triggers for damaging substances which “create an over-reactive immune system and systemic inflammation” be avoided, in order to heal the gut. The American diet includes many of these triggers. In addition to caffeine, gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, and soy are problematic. The top irritant is gluten.  People who have celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity, also tend be sensitive to coffee. 

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