Women looking to increase their chances of getting pregnant may be wise to investigate the wide variety of fertility-boosting herbs available to them. Certain herbs that have shown to improve fertility have been used by couples for ages. Investigate the following list of fertility-friendly herbs. Many focus on restoring ovulation and healthy menstrual cycle. Others help elevate estrogen levels, and re-balance female estrogen and progesterone, while soothing the nervous system. Herbal fertility treatments, particularly those using Western herbs rather than herbs used by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, have a cumulative effect and are generally safe to use. Still, it is important to pay careful attention to your body’s response to all fertility remedies, including herbs. Talk to your doctor about the items you are ingesting, and discontinue use, if you notice an adverse and worrisome reaction.  Most health food stores carry a selection of the most commonly used herbs.

Nettle – This herb is full of healthy and fertility-supportive iron, magnesium and calcium. Use it to improve circulation and build your blood. Nettle’s anti-inflammatory properties ensure a healthy endometrial lining.

Oat Straw – This herb gently boosts fertility, and contains a wide variety of healing properties. It can also be used to soothe your nervous system, build bones, and support ovulation.

Lemon Balm –Herbalists employ this popular herb to encourage menstrual flow and/or speed up delayed menstruation.  It is also used to ease nausea.

Chasteberry – This well-loved herb regulates hormone function. It helps repair the estrogen-progesterone balance, and helps sustain your endocrine system.

Dandelion  – A liver detoxifier. The liver has a crucial role, as the organ responsible for cleansing and clearing out the other organs, but it also helps process estrogen. Dandelion is a definite benefit to fertility, and as a mild laxative, it gently helps your system in the early phase of your pre-conception detox. Try buying a high quality roasted dandelion root tea at a health food store and steep for 10 minutes.

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