There are many misperceptions about irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. If you have been diagnosed, it can be helpful to know the facts for IBS.

Fact:  IBS can Affect Your Life

IBS is a serious condition that includes symptoms such as gas and pain. It can affect the quality of your life, including your family, work, and other relationships. Don’t brush off the symptoms and make sure that you see an IBS specialist for treatment.

Fact:  IBS Diagnosis is Relatively Simple

Your physician can make a diagnosis based off of your symptoms. You do not have to have procedures that are uncomfortable or cost a lot of money. However, if you have blood in your stool a colonoscopy or additional testing may be necessary.

Fact:  IBS is a Medical Not Psychological Problem

IBS is not caused by stress, anxiety, depression or other mental-health issues. It is a medical condition originating in your bowels.  

Fact:  Food in Generally Does Not Cause IBS

Your diet does not cause IBS, though some foods can exacerbate symptoms. For example, not eating cabbage kale, broccoli, beans, and substitutes for sugar can help with symptom relief from pain, gas, and bloating.

Fact:  Lactose Does Not Cause IBS

With lactose intolerance, the body cannot process the sugars found in dairy products.  Eliminating lactose from your diet could help with symptoms, but won’t eliminate IBS.

Fact:  Fiber Helps with Constipation

Although sometimes seen as a cure for IBS, eating fiber won’t actually eliminate IBS.  However, it can help with constipation related to IBS.  

Fact:  Yeast Does Not Cause IBS

Yeast, including candida, does not cause IBS.  In fact, everyone has yeast in their gut.

Fact:  IBS Does Not Cause Cancer

They are completely different diseases and one does not cause the other to occur.

Fact: IBS Doesn’t Have to Be Forever

IBS symptoms can go up or down over time, and for some people can even go away entirely.

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