Your back is your biggest supporter in your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, your spine is not immune from the rigors of your everyday activities. You may think spinal injury, pain and weakness are reserved for athletes or hard laborers but in fact about 80% of people will experience back issues during their lives. Simply slouching in your seat can put you at greater risk for spinal problems in your lifetime.

    For such a widespread problem, the prevention is actually quite simple. Read on for a few easy tips to keep your spine in good working order:

  • Maintain good posture: It seems like a no-brainer, but proper alignment actually reduces stress on the spine, and even helps improve breathing and energy.

  • Breathe from your belly: Taking deep breaths from your belly (as opposed to your chest) will help you maintain alignment and relieve spinal stress.

  • Exercise, simply: Just ten minutes a day of neck stretches, light weight lifting, and yoga poses help improve posture.

  • Eat right: Lean proteins, healthy fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as B-complex and omega-3 supplements all help your spine’s health.

  • Sleep tight: Insufficient sleep and the wrong sleep position can make it hard for your spine to relax. Get between 6-8 hours a night, ideally positioned on your side to take pressure off your spine.

  • Meditate to feel great: People who practice meditation regularly tend to focus on their core, which actually automatically straightens the spine. Just 10 minutes is all it takes to feel the benefits!

    Your spine is literally and figuratively your body’s backbone – if it isn’t healthy, it can interfere with systems throughout the whole body. It’s so easy to take care of your spine, and important to give this part of yourself the best treatment possible, every day.

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