If your doctor suggested yoga as a way to relieve your asthma symptoms, you may be disappointed. A recent study revealed that there isn’t much support for yoga’s benefits to asthmatics, except in its value as an alternative to relaxation and breathing exercises. Researchers of the published report investigated 14 previous studies to ascertain helpful connections between yoga and asthma, but little information pointed to yoga as actual treatment.

In the studies reviewed, more than 800 adults from North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia were assessed for changes in “control, symptoms, quality of life and lung function” that might benefit asthma patients. Holger Cramer, PhD, lead author of the study, noted that there was “only weak evidence” that yoga makes any significant difference in asthma symptoms, and should not be employed as a standard intervention now.

The key idea for asthma sufferers is that yoga does not treat asthma, but it does seem to help people as a complimentary therapy. Many asthmatics enjoy the calming practice of yoga. Some people feel that it improves their ability to breathe well, even if it doesn’t scientifically improve their lung function. Says Dr. Michael Foggs , an allergy specialist and ACAAI president, “If yoga helps them to feel better and breathe better, patients should by all means practice it.”

Practice prevention as well as yoga to best control your asthma symptoms. A board-certified allergist can help clarify situations that might induce attacks. This way, you’ll know how to prevent them and increase your awareness of triggers. Anything from exposure to allergens, to a blast of cold weather can exacerbate your asthma. Track your symptoms and attacks to determine the severity of your condition. If asthma attacks are severe, unpredictable and frequent, discuss a long-term control medication with your physician. The assistance of long-term medications is preventive, helping to achieve control of asthma symptoms.

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