Are you considering IVF treatment in order to become pregnant?  Natalie Howard of the website has some insight into the procedure and perhaps what you didn’t know about IVF.

First is that IVF treatment greatly expands the ovaries.  This is because the medications that you take during IVF increase the number of eggs produced.  This is so that there are more chances for sperm to come in contact with an egg and form an embryo.  However, the expansion of the ovaries can be painful.  Howard describes that the eggs feel as if, “they’re the size of footballs (American and European).”  Remember also to avoid strenuous physical activity during this time.

Next, be aware that another side effect of the medications is swelling in your torso.  It is advised that after the eggs have been retrieved that you spend the following 24-hours resting.  Use pillows for comfort and sleep on your left instead of your back.

Third, watch out for hot flashes.  Since your body is experiencing a lot of hormone fluctuations hot flashes can occur. This may be disconcerting, but it is a side effect of the IVF process.

The fourth thing to be aware of with IVF treatment is that you will be using medical needles a lot.  Howard discusses how she converted a drawer in her refrigerator to hold injectable medications that needed to stay cold.  She advises buying a needle disposal container that will allow you to safely dispose of used needles so that they are not lying around.  

Finally, the fifth insight about IVF is that you are not alone in undertaking this procedure.  Many women undergo IVF treatment, suffer through the side effects, and carry on after their medical appointments to continue their days.  Howard relates how she is amazed by the resiliency of these women, some of whom have undergone multiple IVF treatments.

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