As the news worsens around the world about the spreading of the Covid-19, I want to over-communicate with you about this epidemic and help allay some fears.

Yes, this is a global pandemic at this juncture with large economic impacts. Once our economic institutions panic, so too do others. It is important to avoid panic as much as possible and to do what you can do because that is all we can do.

Uncertainty has gripped many of us, including many countries across the globe, that are inundated with hospitalizations and severely ill patients. We are not seeing this in our communities as of this moment, but the potential for the same thing to happen here is high. It is unlikely that we can stop this virus spreading in the US without some preventative measures. Many conferences and events across the country have been canceled, and while this has created hardship for many, this will decrease transmission greatly.

Three Myths about Covid-19:

1.   You can get it from breathing air:

In fact, you contract this virus when it comes into contact with your mucus membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from being sneezed or coughed on by an infected person. If an infected person sneezes on a door handle and you touch this door handle, you will be at risk of transmitting this virus. Transmission is happening when we touch our faces with our hands ,which some say happens over 90 times per day. It is not transmissible through the air itself, you have to infect yourself by bringing your hands, which have been exposed to the virus, to your face.

2.   If you don’t have symptoms, you are not infected:

We do not fully know what the “induction” period of this illness is. That is the time from exposure until symptoms develop. Consider taking all possible measures to avoid direct contact with other people: hugging, kissing, shaking hands, or holding meetings from home, if you can do so.  Strong and clear public health measures CAN drastically impact the progression of this epidemic. It is harder for this virus to spread if we are not in close contact with others.

3.  Since there are no fatalities where I live the virus is not here.

It is human nature to be a little in denial. Business as usual until the airlines close, then it will be taken seriously. However, we live in a global society. What is happening in one part of the world will find its way into your neighborhood with enough time. I have been closely monitoring the airlines response to this epidemic, as this is the one major reason the virus has traveled around the globe. I know they are monitoring it minute by minute and are resisting a travel ban as this would have severe financial complications globally. If you plan to travel, use all measures recommended since the beginning of this outbreak: wash hands, wash hands, and wash hands, and resist touching your face.

What Can We Do?

Currently, we have a lack of testing options. Our public health resources are being stretched, and our hospitals in Colorado are not even currently being overwhelmed with positive and severe cases of Covid-19. But this could change. South Korea has tested 110,000 people, and we have tested under 500. So, we do not yet understand the current impact of this virus on the US. Test kits are not widely available, and there is question about whether we should retest people with known exposures who tested negative the first time in an attempt to capture information about what the induction time frame might be. This will require even more test kits. Until testing becomes more widely available and we have more clear diagnostics and can watch the trends of transmission more clearly, we should assume others are infected and behave as if.

I believe in the next few weeks we will see a potential change in how this virus behaves —either it will mutate to a much less virulent form and have a lesser impact or it will continue in its current form and will continue to spread. If you are planning to travel for the upcoming school spring break, support everyone in your family immediately. Prevention is always preferable to treatment.

A reminder of immune supportive actions you can take:Coronavirus Infographic

  1. Now is a great time to eliminate sugar and alcohol for optimal immune function
  2. Zinc 30 mg per day
  3. Vitamin C 1000 mg three times per day
  4. Vitamin D3 5000 iu per day with food
  5. Vitamin A 50,000 iu per day with food
  6. Antiviral herbs (chose 2-3 from the list below):
    1.  Oregano oil, 300 mg per day
    2. Quercetin, 500 mg three times per day
    3. Isatis, 120 drops (6ml) 2x per day
    4. Houttynia, 120 drops (6ml) 2x per day
    5. Elderberry, 120 drops (6ml) 2x per day
    6. Olive leaf in capsule form, 500 mg twice per day
    7. Licorice, 120 drops (6ml) 2x per day
  7. Did I mention, wash your hands? If you are tired of the happy birthday song, try Baby Shark (until you get to the daddy shark part).
  8. Don’t panic.

As always please contact Holistica Integrative Care if we can answer questions or offer treatment to someone who is suffering with any viral or bacterial infection. There are numerous options for treatment and the sooner we see you the more effective treatment can be. Vitamin C IV Myers cocktail and Major Auto Hemotherapy with Ozone are incredible antiviral and immune supportive treatments. (Note: If you are a patient of Holistica and have not been cleared for IV therapy, you will just need a quick appointment with our nurse practitioner or medical doctor. If you are not a current patient but would like IV therapy for prevention or treatment of a viral infection, please call).