Cooking meat is important for killing bacteria and making it easier to eat. However, on their website, Rodale Wellness discusses cooking methods you should avoid. These techniques range from mostly benign practices, to those that may potentially cause cancer.

Depending on which technique you choose, over-cooking meat can significantly damage proteins.  Certain processes may even create compounds that cause cancer.  

Rodale Wellness lists nine ways to cook meat, starting with the least harmful to the most dangerous.


  • Simmering


Simmering does damage proteins, but it can prevent the oxidizing of fats. Simmer

for short periods of time.


  • Sous Vide


This creates meat that can melt in your mouth. However, the technique involves using

plastic bags that can leach BPA into your food. Rodale Wellness suggests using a glass jar instead.


  • Lightly grilling


This is considered the best way to grill meat as it keeps the creation of toxins to a

minimum. Lightly brown the meat on the outside while keeping the inside medium-rare to rare.


  • Slow Cooking


Slow cooking involves making stews in crock pots. The meat cooks for several hours.  

The result is soft and tasty meat, but the process creates glutamate and can overcook the food.


  • Broiling


Broiling meat denatures protein, creates glutamate, and oxidizes fats. Consider it to be a

a cooking method for occasional use.


  • Barbecuing


Although barbecuing in itself is safe for cooking, the problem lies with the liquid fat.

When fats drip onto heated coals they create HCAs and PAHs, which are cancer causing compounds.


  • Blackened Grilling


Charring your meat is a dangerous way to cook. Not only does it oxidize fats and

denature proteins, the black char on the outside of the meat can cause cancer.


  • Deep Frying


Deep frying destroys proteins and creates a layer of glycated sugars on your meat.


  • Microwaving


Creates electromagnetic fields and destroys protein.

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