Radical Prevention


October is here, which means it is our chance to highlight breast cancer awareness. It’s time to think about how we can shift the thinking about this often devastating disease. Many women feel like they may face this inevitable diagnosis in their futures. They consider preventative surgery or think about family history, but they often [...]

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Our Gut Health Impacts Our Response to the Coronavirus


Hello, Patients, Families, and Friends of Holistica!   I was on a long run this weekend and contemplating the state of where we are. I am sure many of you are doing the same. After a period of time, I realized we have all traveled a through some of the stages of grief as defined [...]

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CoVid19 (Coronavirus infectious disease 19): Should you be anxious?


This virus is dominating the news and captivating everyone who is planning to travel, has elderly parents, or who is reliant on supplies for their business coming from China.  My phone is busy buzzing all day long with friends and family checking in to see what they can do to prevent becoming infected. They are contacting [...]

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Beyond Cerebrolysin: Herbs and Nutritional Supplements for Alzheimer’s Disease


A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a game changer peptide called Cerebrolysin, which protects neurons from free radical stress, improves metabolic activity of neurons, and is having massive impact on neurodegenerative diseases, stroke patients, and traumatic brain injuries. Beyond lifestyle changes and injectable Cerebrolysin, herbs and nutritional supplements offer much support in many degenerative [...]

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Fish Binge Fallout


I spent the last 11 days on Maui eating fish several times per day. Admittedly, this is a habit I discourage my patients from engaging in due to concerns of mercury exposure. If you are one of the patients to whom I have delivered the “do not eat fish more than one time per month” [...]

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Group Detox: More Harm than Good!


by Mary F. ShackeltonIt has come again…January is here, and I have seen another patient with symptoms of having gone too fast on a group detox.  Everyone likes the idea of a cleanse. It seems to be some sort of penance to pay for the sins of the month before:  the multiple happy hours, the [...]

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Mold: The Invisible and Pervasive Invader


by Mary Shackelton, MPH, NDWith the recent flooding in Colorado, mold is on everyone’s mind. And, rightly so. It is dangerous, and nothing to mess around with.If your drywall was saturated with water, your risk of having mold increases greatly. If your carpet and carpet pad were soaked…get them out of your house! This is the [...]

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