Detoxification: Not Just for Sick People Anymore


We are on the brink of a major health challenge. Never before has the human race been so bombarded by chemicals in their daily lives. Every day we are faced with hundreds of exposures to chemicals in our toothpastes, our water bottles, our dry-cleaned clothing, the pollution in the air around us, and pesticides used [...]

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5 Things that Harm Our Health


Without realizing it, we do things that harm our health every day. Here are some of the top five things: 1. Too Little Sleep The more I talk to patients the more I see that they (we) are short-cutting our sleep in order to meet the demands of our days.  We "finish" up with work [...]

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Dietary Guidelines for Patients with Hypothyroid Disorders


Many of the patients who come to our clinic want to know what they can do to improve their thyroid function without resorting to synthetic medicines or even glandular nutraceuticals.  There is mounting evidence that certain foods can interfere with thyroid function, making a patient appear clinically as though he/she has a thyroid disorder when [...]

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Hail Kale!


Without kale, I do not know where I would be. I grow it, saute it, bake it, puree it, chop it, massage it and most importantly, chew it very carefully. When I am not growing kale, it is always the first thing on my grocery list.  I gauge my need to go to the store [...]

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