Do you use medications to address chronic problems like pain, migraines, or gastrointestinal issues? Suzy Cohen, R.Ph. says that doing so merely covers up the problem, rather than really addressing it. Instead, she recommends changes in diet in order to fix health conditions.

In order to address chronic pain, Cohen recommends body detoxification.

You can do a fast for a couple of days by drinking water and eating soup. However, she does not suggest doing something extreme, like fasting longer than a few days or using a, “sweat lodge.” The way to cleanse your system is to remove foods that can have negative effects, and replace them with better options.  

For issues like congestion, stomachaches, or asthma? Try abstaining from dairy products for a month. These include products like cheese, butter, and even yogurt. Get rid of fast food as they are highly processed, and use artificial coloring, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and corn syrup.

Healthy food substitutes:

  • Oils derived from chia seeds, hemp, and salmon
  • Drinking more water.  You can try herbal teas such as tulsi or rooibos.  Hot water with lemon is another option.
  • For your digestive system take a probiotic as well as digestive enzymes.

Cohen does advise consumers to eat green vegetables, as these help with drawing away metals and other toxins from the body.  However, she does caution against eating a lot of raw, crunchy vegetables like broccoli or Brussels sprouts.  Her reasoning? Raw cruciferous veggies contain goitrogens, can affect the thyroid. This is especially a concern if you consume raw vegetables as part of a smoothie blend.  Instead, she advises either cooking the vegetables or a smoothie blend that is free of goitrogens.

Finally, Cohen notes that if there is something wrong with your brain (such as a headache) then there is likely something wrong with your stomach. What we eat has a huge impact on the rest of our body.

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