What do you do when your breasts are so tender and sore that a good hug really hurts?

First, realize that between 30 to 60 percent of women deal with similar pain. You’re not alone. It’s called “fibrocystic breast pain” and is a result of cysts in the milk glands that develop during hormonal changes. For many women, the discomfort intensifies right before their period and lessens afterward.

To find relief, some women obtain prescriptions for oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy, but those solutions are controversial. Holistic health expert Suzy Cohen proposes supplements that may be helpful:

Iodine — Iodine is necessary to maintain healthy breast tissue. An iodine deficiency affects your hormones, and makes healthy breast tissue cystic.

Vitamin E — Vitamin E has been found to promote a significant decrease in PMS breast symptoms. Eat more sunflower seeds and nuts to obtain this nutrient.

Evening Primrose Oil — Evening primrose oil is an herb that contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA reduces inflammation which may help alleviate breast tenderness and menstrual cramp pain.

Caffeine Elimination — Methylxanthine, a chemical in coffee, causes your blood vessels to open and dilate leading to breast pain.

Vitamin B6 — B6 metabolizes estrogen in the liver. Reduced estrogen often helps, and sometimes reducing estrogen relieves the breast pain.

DIM — Short for Diindolylmethane, DIM helps reduce estrogen as well. Derived from broccoli, it can soothe a variety of female ailments by controlling estrogen. Keep dosage low, otherwise it can cause problems for your thyroid levels. Of course, eating broccoli helps too.

Progesterone — A well known option for breast health, this supplement is known to prevent cancer.

Before mixing and matching supplements right away, talk to your doctor about some of these options and the correct dosages. When you have a good idea of what works for you, you’ll soon be able to hug, jog, and even sleep without breast tenderness getting in the way.

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