There are many issues that can occur in your gut, and among these are heartburn and a condition known as Candida. However, Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, has the answers for those who are struggling with these problems.

When it comes to heartburn, Dr. Hyman does not recommend going straight for that bottle of antacid tablets or Prilosec. He notes that though these medications do block acid, your body actually needs stomach acid in order to digest food, process nutrients, and maintain health.

Instead, Dr. Hyman advises taking a look at your diet and health. For example:

  • What you eat:  Eliminating caffeine, alcohol, soda, spicy or fried foods, and other foods with a lot of citrus.
  • Body weight:  Fat puts pressure on the stomach which makes it harder to evacuate.
  • Smoking:  Contributes to acid problems and other health risks as well.

Other issues such as stress, being low in magnesium, and eating a lot before going to sleep all contribute to heartburn.

How to treat heartburn

  • Use probiotics.
  • Take digestive enzymes when eating.
  • Take zinc carnosine.
  • Chew on DGL.
  • Take glutamine powder.
  • Take Magnesium citrate.
  • Get tested for food allergies, celiac disease, and take the H. pylori antibody test.


Another gut issue is Candida, also known as yeast overgrowth. This can be caused by eating a lot of sugary and fatty foods, using drugs including steroids, birth control pills, and antibiotics, immunity issues, and even stress. Candida can cause a range of problems from being chronically fatigued, gas, bladder infections, and irritable bowel system, among others.

To treat Candida, avoid substances that could cause it, including food and medications.  Use probiotics and herbs with antifungal properties and address stress issues in your life. Also, check the spaces where you live and work for potential mold or fungi.

Want to learn more about treating stomach acid and Candida? You can read the full article here:  Heartburn and Candida:  What is Your Gut Trying to Tell You?