Sugar is not your friend. In fact, friends don’t let friends eat sugar.

The reality is we eat way too much sugar. It’s like a drug. And like a drug, it’s killing us.

Overconsumption of sugar is linked to a host of chronic ailments. We’re becoming morbidly obese, suffering from diabetes, living with inflammation and depression, dying from heart disease.Sugar is devastating our bodies and it’s everywhere. Even our “healthier options.” Sugar free granola? Nope.

According to the World Health Organization guidelines, six teaspoons a day is all we should consume. The average American’s intake is 22-32 teaspoons per day! A lot of what we take in is tucked away in the foods they tell us are healthy. Take a look:

Yogurt. Unsweetened Greek yogurt with blueberries or honey  is good. The average flavored yogurt is not. It can container as much sugar as a glass of soda!

Cereal and packaged granola bars. To make these gluten-free and low-fat foods taste in any way appealing, they pour in the sugar. A healthy cereal will have 8 grams or less per serving. Be sure to eat it with a protein or fat to balance your insulin.

Orange juice. Ingesting just the juice of oranges can be problematic without the fiber of the whole fruit. Believe it or not, a  big glass daily isn’t much better, sugar-wise, than downing glass of Coke.

Condiments. Watch out for the load of sugar dumped into condiments. They can add up quickly in your body. Try organic varieties, and be sure to read nutrition labels.

Tomato sauce. Most jarred sauces hide anywhere from 2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar per serving. Try making your own for a fresher, healthier option.

Peanut butter. Big brand peanut butters are loaded with sugar and hydrogenated oils. Read labels, or make your own nut butters to spare your body.

To be fully informed about hidden sugars present in “healthy foods,” watch That Sugar Film, a sugar-based ‘Super Size Me’ type documentary focused on healthy foods, like dried fruit, low-fat yogurt, cereal and the like. Be aware!

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