Are you exhausted, regardless of how many hours you sleep? Perhaps you haven’t sleep well in many nights and you know something is wrong. If you feel worthless, constantly sad, and generally bored with life, you may have already visited your doctor. If everything seems pointless, and you’ve even though about suicide, then you can probably bet that a depression diagnosis and an antidepressant medication are in your immediate future. However, your sympotoms may warrant another look.

What if you aren’t depressed? Maybe your hormones just need an adjustment, or perhaps you simply need a few dietary modifications.

Don’t be fooled by the following 6 conditions masquerading as depression:

1.     Vitamin D Deficiency– Sometimes Prozac and Zoloft can take a back seat to natural and necessary vitamin D supplements. Time in the sun or quality, liquid doses of vitamin D can help restore balance to commonly depleted systems.

2.     Hypothyroidism– According to blogger Dena Trentini, “Hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid, is one of the most undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and unrecognized health problems in the world.” Conventional doctors usually rely on just one, often misleading, blood test to determine thyroid issues. Many people manage exhaustion, poor concentration, and irritability having no idea that hypothyroidism is the root issue.

3.     Low Blood Sugar– Research shows that there is a likely connection between mood and hunger. Ask yourself whether you need a bite, when you’re feeling unreasonably irritable or illogically anxious.

4.     Dehydration– Feeling thirsty means that your body is already dehydrated enough to demonstrate a negative cognitive impact. To keep your mind and body operating optimally, drink water regularly.

5.     Food Intolerances– Some people experience allergic reactions to food, and are affected in their brains, the way others may react with skin or respiratory symptoms. Some ingredients or food substances, like gluten, may cause brain inflammation leading to altered moods and behaviors.

6.     Caffeine Withdrawal– Coming down off the early morning coffee high may send you pretty low, if you are chemically sensitive to caffeine.

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