Your great-grandmother was likely one healthy, vibrant lady. She didn’t have an Epi-pen in her bag. She didn’t live on antacids and laxatives. She didn’t use an inhaler. What did she know that you don’t? Here are five very important things she knew about living healthy:

1.     Great-grandma did not count calories. Diets had no place in her life. In the decades since her time, we’ve believed the lie pushed on us by a defective view of food and fitness. That lie says diets will bring us slim, healthy success, and maybe even happiness. Great-grandma would have laughed.

2.     Great-grandma ate food that “grew, flew, swam, or ran.” Eating off the land, not out of a box or plastic bag, kept her healthy and strong. Label reading was unheard of; she knew where her food came from. Artificial this and genetically modified that weren’t even in her vocabulary.

3.     Great-grandma lived an active, mobile life. She had things to do, and places to go every day, that kept her moving. She walked, she stretched, she bent down, she picked up. She worked in a way that involved no screen staring, or long hours on her backside.

4.    Great-grandma cooked real meals. She made time to shop, prep, cook, and serve whole meals. Socializing, organizing, and other pursuits were given a backseat to feeding herself and her family.  To fuel her body, she knew she had to set aside the time daily for nutritious meals.

5.    Great-grandma chose her food wisely. She made food choices that weren’t swayed by food corporations and clever commercials. Misleading marketing of junk foods was not a factor in her trips to the grocery store.

Try your best to be like your great-grandmother. She felt like you want to feel. She looked the way you want to look. Her healthy lifestyle could be your ticket to energy and vigor, the old-fashioned way.

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