Do you want to drastically improve the way you feel? Are you tired of being cranky and slow, due to joint pain or stiff lower back? This pain can be alleviated by your diet! Incorporate anti-inflammatory foods and see the difference.

When you are managing something chronic like arthritis, or putting up with short-term pain or cramps, head to the grocery store for relief. Knowing which foods you eat that contribute to pain and inflammation is the secret to getting back in control of how you feel.

High amounts of inflammation are connected to most health conditions; bone, joint, and muscle pain included. Reducing or eliminating inflammatory triggers in your diet will help reduce the pressure on your immune system. Inflammation will decrease.

Consider the following dietary irritants and worst inflammatory culprits:

  • Refined vegetable oils. These oils, which include soybean, safflower, canola, and corn oil are considered omega-6s. We don’t need anymore of those; they are pro-inflammatory. Instead, consume natural oils like coconut oil olive oil or grass-fed butter, which are proven to be nutrient rich and anti-inflammatory.
  • Sugar. Sugar is in everything from ice cream and treats to bread, yogurts, condiments, and cereals. Unfortunately, sugar releases inflammatory messengers which exacerbate pain in the body.
  • Alcohol. The occasional alcoholic drink is beneficial and contains antioxidants, but alcohol is also dehydrating which can worsen swelling and pain. It can negatively affect sleep, which makes it difficult to repair damaged tissue.
  • Caffeine overload. Coffee is fine in moderate amounts, but a little goes a long way. Too much caffeine can lead to shakiness, anxiety, and fatigue, which can lead to problems with rest and healthy healing.
  • Food allergy triggers. It is important to get tested for food sensitivities, to see which ones might be negatively impacting your immune system, and elevating inflammation levels in your body.

Go another grocery direction. Choose to consume instead foods high in anti-inflammatory properties for relief. Adding whole foods like fresh produce, nuts, seeds, and grass-fed organic meat to your diet are the best pain relievers long term.

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