They are feeding you lies.

Stop filling up on sugary sweet chemistry experiments that have been passing for food.

You deserve the truth.

 Reset your mind and body. These are 5 food lies you should watch out for before starting your detox and leaving sickness and obesity behind:

·      Lie # 1: Calories in/Calories out=Weight Loss.

Counting calories is not the way. The quality of the calories you take in is the key. Food affects your brain, hormones and metabolism- every bite has a deeply biological impact. Sugar leads to fat storage. Protein and fats lead to fat burning.

Eat quality, whole foods. Overcome the caloric lies you’ve been told.

·      Lie #2: Slow Weight Loss Is Good Weight Loss.

A big fat lie! Through detoxification and quality foods, you’ll drop the weight without inspiring the starvation response that keeps you fat. You’ll be motivated, feel great, and properly view your body and what you put in it.

·      Lie#3: You’re Just Weight-Loss Lazy

The whole world tells us we are the problem. Just get off the couch, exercise more, eat less. Wrong! Willpower can’t stand up to the “hijacked” state of your body. Sugar and refined carbs have damaged your body’s hormonal and metabolic systems. You’re addicted. You have to detox. You must rehab with whole, high quality foods.

·      Lie #4: Drink up, it’s Diet Soda.

Diet Soda is soda. Soda is “liquid death”. In fact, diet soda is liquid death with bonus features. A 14-year study of over 65,00 women discovered that diet soda increases the risk of type 2 diabetes significantly more than regular soda. Slow metabolism, increased appetite, and belly fat are also gifts from diet sodas. There’s nothing “diet” about them.

·      Lie#5:  Labels Will Lie to Your Face.

Don’t believe every thing you read, especially on packaged foods. “Whole grain” cereal and “low fat” snacks are simply damaging sugar and flour in disguise. The labels are lying. Fat is your friend. Healthy fat is good for you, satisfies you, and fires up your metabolism.

Alright. Now, you now the truth. Go, detox, eat, and be well.

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