Rodale Wellness has six ideas to help with your spring detox which can help with flattening your belly. As you prepare for summer, consider these tips.

Flat Belly Tip #1:  Cleaning Up Your Liver

Described as the “laundromat” of your body, your liver filters out all of the extra food you eat, along with chemicals and other components that we consume. If your liver isn’t working efficiently it could slow down digestion, which means increased weight gain.

To clean out your liver, think about drinking green juices and smoothies, as well as including more vegetables into your meals. Interestingly, parsley and dandelion greens are known to cleanse the liver.

Flat Belly Tip #2:  The Bacteria in Your Gut

Rodale Wellness notes that if the bacteria in the gut aren’t balanced then we could be susceptible to weight gain. Factors such as eating processed foods, medications, and stress can have a negative impact on these bacteria. The website suggests:

  • Adding variety to your diet.
  • Get rid of processed foods.
  • Consider kombucha, kefir, and bone broth soup to add probiotics.

Flat Belly Tip #3:  Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger tea can help with your spring detox by getting rid of toxins in the large intestine and colon. The drink can also add electrolytes and contributes to digestion.

Flat Belly Tip #4:  Use Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes can aid in digestion, especially those with amylase and lipase. These can help your body better process starches and fats.

Flat Belly Tip #5:  Use Probiotics

A probiotic supplement helps maintain gut health. Rodale Wellness advises using one that has at least 20 colony forming units (CFU’s) and has several bacteria strains.

Flat Belly Tip #6:  Use Betaine HCL

HCL is an acid used in food digestion. A betaine HCL can help to replace this acid, which can be lost due to poor eating habits and stress.

With these six tips, lose weight and improve your insides as well. Want to know more?

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