Recent studies show artificial sweeteners adversely impact gut health, glucose tolerance and drive weight gain, by contributing to fattening hormonal imbalances.

Three primary reasons artificial sweeteners are problematic are as follows:

  1. Artificial sweeteners increase your diabetes risk.  According to Dr. Mark Hyman, animal studies prove that “… sugar substitutes potentially can increase your risk for weight gain, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.”
  2. Artificial sweeteners rewire your brain chemistry and metabolism. You believe you’re eating real sugar even though they are up to 1000 times sweeter than sugar! Your body consequently  amps up insulin production, which amps up fat storage. Metabolism slows down, hunger increases and you’re more likely to fill up on fat-producing carbs.
  3. Artificial sweeteners are highly addictive. Artificial sweeteners become a habit. In an alarming study, cocaine addicted rats offered the choice of cocaine or artificial sweeteners picked the artificial sweetener without fail.

There is nothing “diet” about diet sodas. Dr. Hyman is firm in his statements regarding these beverages. They make you fat and cause type 2 diabetes. Period. How?

    1. According to a 14-year study of 66,118 women, diet sodas increased diabetes risk more than their sugar-sweetened counterparts, and were consumed twice as much as women who drank the sugar sodas.
    2. Normal hormone and neurologic function is disrupted by fake sweeteners, primarily the signals that regulate hunger and satiety.
    3. Dr. Hyman notes that artificial sweeteners make it harder to enjoy fruits, vegetables, and whole foods.


So, what do you do?

  1. Have a little real sugar. Hyman says to “consider sugar a recreational drug that you can partake of in moderation like red wine or tequila.”
  2. Become aware of hidden sugars. Even so-called healthy, bland foods include added sweeteners.
  3. Develop an appreciation for natural sweetness. Wean yourself off processed sugar overload. Fruit, nuts, and other whole foods are the way to go.
  4. Stop confusing your body. Refrain from tricking your body with artificial  anything. Sweets should be indulged in moderation and include real sugar.
  5. Judiciously use stevia only. Among sweeteners, stevia is acceptable. A little bit remains healthy and goes a long way.

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