Did you know that food sensitivities might be responsible for your snoring? Let’s look at ways to get you a good night’s sleep, save your relationship, and restore your health.

Your body’s adenoids and tonsils are immune system components that help protect against swallowed or inhaled germs. The antibodies they make serve to combat any germs that try to get into our bodies.

Until we are about 6 years old, these components  grow as the immune system develops. Then they shrink down unobtrusively. Unless they end up swelling in response to food allergies. The most common early dietary troublemakers are milk, eggs and cod. Adenoid swelling leads to snoring. Further complications of that kind of swelling include chronic ear infections, stuffy nose, swollen glands, and respiratory infections. Most children and adults are offered antibiotics, and most people don’t know to ask the following critical questions, recommended by wellness expert Suzy Cohen, before taking them:

  1. Is this a chronic problem?
  2. What foods do you typically consume?
  3. Does your throat culture show a pathogen?

Essentially, you’re just asking whether you have a diet-related problem or true infection. You may never know, if you don’t ask, because the doctor will likely just assume that you have a cold. and prescribe the amoxicillin!

Here’s some key things to keep in mind:

  • Please do not immediately jump to surgery! Keep your tonsils, they are more purposeful than you may think. Retaining all body parts is a good rule of thumb.
  • Next, slumped posture may be at the heart of some of your circulation drainage and respiratory problems. Try yoga, see a chiropractor, or try immune-boosting supplements to improve your circulation and offset food sensitivity damage.
  • Also, consider your sleep hygiene. Get more sleep. Your body needs time to reset and restore.
  • Finally, consider cutting out dairy and eggs for a month. If food antigens are the root cause of your snoring, the troublemaking foods must be removed for at least three to six months to see the best results. Adenoids and tonsils will shrink, and breathing will improve.

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