What if what you need is not tips for staying healthy or prevention, but how to heal? If you’re ill, healing quickly becomes your primary life goal.

Make some important changes for the sake of your mind and body. Employ a system of 12 practices endorsed by Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, CCH, ACC of Integrative Homeopathic Medicine.

As soon as possible, engage the following practices:

1.   Movement. Our bodies are always in motion; blood pumps through us and our hearts are beating. To heal, we must encourage healthy breathing, exercise, waste elimination, and brain activity.

2.  Nutrition. There is no denying the necessity of a nutrient-rich diet. We must be dedicated to employing the healing power of food.

3.     3.  Relaxation. The art of relaxation is being lost to the demands of modern life. Do not forgo sleep and downtime for the sake of productivity. You need time to recharge and recover.

4.     4.  Meditation. Relaxation and meditation are not the same. Focus and intentionally calm your mind to enhance mental clarity and healing.

5.     5.  Affirmation. Determine how you want to experience life. Intentionally direct thoughts toward your desired outcome. Intend to heal.

        6.  Emotional Release. Listen to your emotions. Express whatever you’ve been harboring. Let it go.

7.     7.  Love. Often our lack of self-love, or sense of being unloved, stifles our healing. Taking care of you is a form of loving yourself. Love yourself into healing.

        8.  Forgiveness. As is often stated, “forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.” Remove any resentment blocking your healing, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

        9.  Care. Seek out and accept the care of others. Offer care to others in need. Caring facilitates healing.

       10.  Nature. Allow the natural world to bolster the natural healing processes of your body. Get some sun, or simply open a window and breathe in the outdoors.

      11.  Water. Your body requires it to heal. There is no substitute.

      12.  Safety/Security. Do you prefer peace and quiet or regular visitors? Put yourself in the proper environment for safe, supported healing.

Put yourself on the path to maximized healing.