Acne  can wreak havoc on your self-confidence and self-image. Unfortunately, solutions like creams and lotions, pimple popping, and medicinal overkill with antibiotics, are generally unacceptable.

So what can you do?

The most controllable, contributing factor to acne is your diet. By regulating the oxidative stress in your body, you can calm what’s going on in your skin. What you eat is usually the root cause of most acne. High-processed, high-sugar, high-dairy diets along with certain diet-related lifestyle factors can exacerbate acne considerably.

Sugar (including flour) raises insulin levels, boosting  female testosterone and general inflammation, causing acne. People who had higher sugar intake and ate more high glycemic foods like bread, rice, cereal, pasta, etc. had significantly more acne.

Dairy consumption too, with all the inherent cow hormones, has been shown to increase the severity of acne.

Other troublemakers include processed fats that compete with the body’s omega-3 fats, causing more inflammation and acne.

Dairy and sugar cause spikes in acne-inducing hormones. This raises blood sugar and creates insulin spikes. Other hormones  are then knocked out of balance, inflammation ensues, and here comes acne.

To control acne, control your insulin levels.

10 Ways to Eliminate Acne

Dr. Hyman stands by these 10 strategies for remedying acne:

  1. Go low glycemic. Eliminate sugar and processed food.
  2. Eliminate food sensitivities. Remove gluten, dairy, processed items, processed soy, nuts, citrus and others.
  3. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Foods that are wild-caught, whole, and organic are best. Try turmeric, ginger, green tea. Dark purple, red, and green leafy foods help reduce inflammation.
  4. Gut check. Ingesting probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes can improve gut health and acne.
  5. Stress less. Try meditation, yoga, massage, biofeedback.
  6. Address nutritional deficiencies. Consider zinc, omega-3 fats, and some anti-inflammatory omega-6 fats like evening-primrose oil, to improve immunity, and reduce inflammation.
  7. Sleep well. Eight hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep nightly reduces inflammation.
  8. Get more antioxidants. People who eat more fruits and vegetables have less acne.
  9. Exercise regularly. Exercise improves insulin function and reduces inflammation.
  10. Choose quality skin care products.  Investigate the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database for ideas.

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