Many people will steer clear from any diet plans that include the word “detox.” Most think it’s either too difficult, not sure how it works, or believe that it’s only for people who need to lose weight fast. However, there are many health benefits that come along with detoxing the body. If you’ve thought about attempting a detox, regardless if it’s a 24-hour or 7-day detox, it’s important to understand the science behind it. Understanding the health benefits is the first step to deciding whether a detox is right for you. Holistica Integrative Care, a natural holistic medicine practitioner in Boulder CO, shares a few key upsides to detoxing the body.

Dewy clear skin

Increase in Energy

There’s a common misconception when it comes to energy levels and detoxing. Many people believe that because you’re stripping the body of sustenance, your energy levels will drop. However, this is actually a myth. Detoxing can actually increase energy levels! When you consume too much caffeine or sugar, you may get a short boost of energy, and then comes the inevitable crash. Detoxing the body not only gets rid of toxins that can cause you to feel fatigued, but you’re also avoiding those afternoon crashes from too much coffee or sugar.

Boost Your Immune System

Detoxing the body can also help boost your immune system. Detoxing is basically giving the organs a nice rest from breaking down processed meats, dairy, sugars, and other unhealthy foods and beverages that you consume. This not only helps to clean out your gut, liver, and other organs, but it also helps the body absorb vitamins and nutrients faster and more completely. Taking healthy supplements, vitamins, or herbs throughout your detox is a great way to feel healthy, strong, and balanced.

Weight Management

While it’s true that many people will turn to a cleansing detox to lose weight fast, detoxing is more about long-term weight management than quick weight loss. When you detox the body, you’re preparing it for a healthy weight loss in the future. Detoxing can help boost your metabolism and cleanse the gut from unwanted toxins. If you’ve tried to lose weight in the past, but you’ve struggled to drop weight even with diet and exercise, a cleansing detox could help.

Better Skin

Detoxing is also great for clearer and more supple skin. Many people who detox will suddenly notice that breakouts and oily residue on the skin will disappear shortly after the detox is over. Drinking more water can help brighten skin, but when you’re drinking more water, and you’re also detoxing on top of it, you’ll see and feel a difference in your skin.

Improve Your Mood

If you consume the wrong foods and beverages, it can make a person sluggish, irritable, and, quite frankly, put you in a rotten mood. Because detoxing cleanses the body and creates more energy, you feel better both mentally and physically. Even after a short detox plan, people will notice a boost in their mood and ability to focus, making their days that much better!

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