Who doesn’t love violets? These gorgeous flowers are beautiful, inspiring, and fresh in the spring. But did you know that violets are also used in holistic herbal medicine? Those who practice holistic and integrative medicine in Boulder, CO, have made use of ancient knowledge about these delicate flowers: that behind their beauty lie amazing health secrets. Read on to learn more about the natural, medicinal properties of violets, along with their everyday health benefits.

Live Flowers

Like all fresh flowers, violets are an excellent presence in your home. Live plants have immediate mental health benefits, inspiring a sense of calm and positivity. This may have something to do with their looks, but has a great deal to do with the fresh, clean oxygen that they release. Violets and other live plants naturally filter the air, stripping it of toxins and particles of no use to you, like carbon dioxide, turning it onto clean, healthy air that calms your body as you take deep breaths.

Edible Uses

Did you know that you can also eat violet plants? The leaves and flowers of many violet species aren’t just tasty; they are used as holistic alternative medicine. Use them in salads, as an edible garnish, and even infuse them into beverages.

Known Benefits

There are many known benefits of consuming violets. These include anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic properties, which are excellent for naturally relieving the pain and stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis. Inflammation relief also means better joint health and mobility.

Just as violets detoxify the air, they also detoxify your body when consumed. Their high fiber content and natural medicinal properties cleanse the body and help you to naturally flush away toxins, as well as any buildup that can be affecting your sense of wellness.

Violets can also provide vulnerary properties to help heal wounds and protect your skin. Violets can even be taken as an anti-constipation drug without all the side-effects and negative properties of store-bought medications. In fact, they help improve digestion naturally, balancing slow or fast digestive tracts and regulating them for your health and comfort.

Visit an herbal holistic medicine practitioner to learn more about using violets to alleviate many ailments naturally, relying on ancient practices that take the best of nature’s medicines.

Identifying Violets

Use an online guide to identify violets in the wild, or visit a local plant nursery to find violets and either plant them at home or host them indoors. Give them plenty of light and water, but don’t overwater them. They’ll keep for many weeks, at least, providing leaves and flowers for you to enjoy.

Note that the leaves of the yellow violet aren’t edible, and many violet plants of the 550 different known species tend to have a soapy flavor. It’s best to test different violet plants while raw to ensure you’re investing time and resources cooking a tasty variety. Only test violets when the flower is present because the plant does have some poisonous lookalikes when dormant.

Professional Assistance

If you’re hesitant to apply self-remedies with natural violets and want some guidance first, visit Holistica Integrative Care, your resource for holistic herbal medicine in Boulder, CO. Visit us to discuss your ailments and/or concerns, and we will provide you with the natural remedies you need, as well as preventative measures to help you feel and remain healthy.