Human tumors show the presence of Neu5Gc, a compound sometimes called the “Trojan horse” that causes inflammation that may lead to cancer growth and also rheumatoid arthritis. When Neu5Gc was the subject of a groundbreaking paper in 2003, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers were surprised. Why? Humans are genetically unable to produce this compound. Neither can plants. Therefore people must be absorbing it through eating the flesh of animals that can create Neu5Gc.

To test this hypothesis, researchers ate a strict vegan diet (avoiding even shampoos that contain animal-derived ingredients) for a period of time to clear their system. After this, they drank a glass of diluted pig mucous. Even though drinking this sounds disgusting, it might have been worth it for the results it obtained! Within days of drinking the animal-based drink, the researchers found the invasive meat molecule in their saliva, urine, and even their hair!

The metabolic incorporation of Trojan horse NeuG5c likely contributes to the higher rates of cancer and heart disease in meat and dairy eaters. Autopsy samples reveal the molecule’s presence in breast cancer, brain tumors, ovarian cancer, and melanoma. It increases the likeliness of heart disease as well because it accumulates not only in the lining of hollow organs, but in blood vessel lining too. This adds to the hardening of arteries, the number one cause of death among men and women in the United States. Perhaps even worse, children who absorb Neu5Gc may be prone to life-threatening reactions to E. coli toxins.

Do we have to become vegetarian to stop this? We do know that people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and then go on vegetarian diets experience significant improvement within weeks. We also know that antioxidants in plants, and especially in nuts, help decrease inflammation in the body.

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