Are you okay? Feel like you just can’t shake the blues?

If you’re feeling down, like you just aren’t getting much out of life anymore, it might not be your imagination.

Expert Suzy Cohen, RPh says to check your dopamine levels, and you might be able to bring back the good times.

Dopamine imbalances and depression often go hand-in-hand.

Dopamine depression is not to be confused by depression induced and sustained by a serotonin deficiency. Medications like Prozac can help serotonin deficiencies, and depression may be significantly improved. Still, Cohen makes it clear that depression is not a symptom of “medication deficiency.” Drugs are not a long-term, healthy solution to depression.

When low serotonin levels occur, you feel “blue,” unmotivated, and down on yourself.

However, serotonin does not inspire thoughts of death or a wish to die. That’s an unfortunate effect of dopamine deficiency. Fortunately, when levels are that low, you’re too unmotivated to see any death wish through.

Dopamine deficiency make life difficult in the following ways:

  • morning sluggishness and  brain fog.
  • depression characterized by lack of pleasure, rather than pessimism or negativity.
  • enthusiasm can return with a dopamine enhancer like coffee, sex, or similar rewarding activity, but fades quickly, along with pleasure and interest in everything.

Low dopamine levels potentially cause brain damage, specifically in the substantia nigra, where dopamine is produced. These low levels have been linked to Parkinson’s disease and thyroid dysfunction.

Cohen believes damage done by fluorinated drugs and chemicals is significant to thyroid and dopamine levels. She also  links dopamine to research concerning a process called “Redox Homeostasis,” and the import of “preventing neurodegeneration which leads to depression, Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders.”

To make gains:

1) Employ antioxidants to stop free radicals.

2) Carefully consider dopamine supplement because “the risk of suicide goes up in some people, possibly because they are so dopamine deficient to begin with.”

3) Check thyroid hormone levels correctly.

4) Eat well, not the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) which can disrupt Redox Homeostasis, cause cellular inflammation, and lead to mild brain inflammation.

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