Vaccine Reality


Pour yourself some tea, and settle in. This is a long one...and much overdo.  I have been asked by family members, patients, colleagues, and friends several times about my perspective regarding the Covid vaccine. As a practitioner who routinely sees patients who are vaccine injured, I am hesitant to blindly recommend that everyone get the [...]

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Giving Thanks in a Pandemic


We have all referred to this year as being unprecedented; however, that is not exactly true. In the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, it was also recommended to avoid Thanksgiving gatherings with family and large groups. There was widespread disagreement about mask wearing, and political action groups formed to object to the mandates. You could [...]

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What Are Your Limiting Beliefs About Your Health?


Hello Patients, Friends, and Families! Happy Fall Everyone! We hope you have adequate emotional support if you are grieving the loss of your garden from last week's snowfall! (the picture above are some of my last Dahlias of the season). What a surprise for all of us, and while I'm always sad to see summer [...]

What Are Your Limiting Beliefs About Your Health?2020-09-18T20:32:15+00:00

The Many Proven Health Benefits of Saunas


If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you've heard of saunas, but you're a little unsure of their purpose. Most people who are unfamiliar with saunas will wonder why small heated rooms are so popular amongst the health and wellness community. Well, there's no need to wonder anymore! The best holistic medicine practitioners [...]

The Many Proven Health Benefits of Saunas2020-08-31T17:11:50+00:00

Vaccine Fantasy


It's fascinating to watch the discussion about Covid-19 inevitably end with the promise of a vaccine to save us from the shelter-in-place mandates and to swing the economy back into full tilt. The push to re-open states and get back to a life that resembles what was “normal” way back in February hinges on whether [...]

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Herd Immunity: That’s the Goal


Covid-fatigue…it is not technically a symptom of having this infection but rather from living through this pandemic with so much uncertainty for our futures and our health. It is a completely natural result. We are seeing it all around us: the inability to get anything done, the lack of focus or motivation, the frustration that home [...]

Herd Immunity: That’s the Goal2020-05-05T05:24:58+00:00

Holistica Remains Open and Supportive


  Dear Patients, Families, and Friends: The COVID-19 pandemic represents one of the greatest global health challenges to face mankind in modern times. While the information has been slow in coming, what we do know now is that we are in the midst of a major event, and our response can be one of fear [...]

Holistica Remains Open and Supportive2020-03-15T19:18:56+00:00

Easy Tips for Staying Healthy This Summer


The warm summer months have arrived. While this means that you can spend more time outside than during the winter, the higher temperatures carry their own potential dangers. Just like during the winter, there are many ways that you can become sick during the summer by not taking proper care of your health. Following proper [...]

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Getting the most out of your health care provider


Studies show good health is all important There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don't look even slightly believable. If you are going to use a passage of Lorem Ipsum, you need to be sure [...]

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