Are apples still a great way to keep the doctor away? You bet!

Recent studies reveal that apples have certain properties that make them particularly useful in the fight against cancer. At the very least, consuming an apple a day would do no harm, and could have very important health benefits over time.

The key to apples’ health benefits are the wealth of polyphenols. They boost and maintain health in the following ways:

Antioxidant Benefits

Most apple polyphenols function as antioxidants.This benefits the cardiovascular system particularly, and aids respiratory function. Apples are linked to lower asthma and lung cancer risk. Numerous studies show their ability to lower risk of lung cancer. Apples also provide a small amount of vitamin C, and its accompanying flavonoids.

Cardiovascular Benefits

The cardiovascular benefits of apples are closely connected to the water-soluble fiber (pectin) content, and apples’ unusual mix of polyphenols. Total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol are lowered by regular apple intake. Recent research has shown, too, that the quercetin content of apples affords anti-inflammatory benefits.

Benefits for Blood Sugar Regulation

Polyphenols in apples positively impact our digestion, carb absorption, and blood sugar regulation. Apple polyphenols slow down carbohydrate digestion, reduce glucose absorption, stimulate the pancreas to put out more insulin, and stimulate insulin receptors to “latch on” to more insulin, and decrease the sugar in the bloodstream headed for the cells.

Anti-Cancer Benefits

Lung cancer benefits most from current apple research. Many studies demonstrate the overall benefits of fruit and/or vegetable intake, as it pertains to improving lung cancer, but few have been revealed to be preventative. Except apples. Though researchers aren’t sure why, the apple’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are clearly at work.

Anti-Asthma Benefits

Like the lung cancer benefits, apples aid asthma sufferers as well. Research finds that apple intake is closely associated with decreased risk of asthma and lung inflammation.

To obtain the most benefits, enjoy whole apples as opposed to apple juice. Whole apples are richer in dietary fiber, and show significantly higher polyphenolic phytonutrient concentration, than applesauce or juices.

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